Welcome to the Sheila and her Dog website.

We are a decades-old society of innocuous readers of children's stories, dedicated to silliness, kindness and clean fun.

We meet when we can, in a variety of locations, most of them very small. But that doesn't matter, because whilst in Sheila, we are very small too.

From the time the meeting is started until the Penguin is dropped at the end, members are morally six years old.

Instead, we drink cocoa and eat cake and chocolate and sweets after our bedtimes or between meals in secret treehouses. We welcome everyone with open arms.


We are mostly doing Chainstories

In particular, Choose your Own Adventure Chain Stories. One line at a time, by email, good-natured Silly and Children's genre.

Our chainstories are a sprawling higgledy-piggledy mess of fun :)

See here for more about how this works.

Here is this term's chain story :)

And here are last Lent and Easter's Chain story.

And Easter 2015's


Sheila is a Safer Space

That's what Sheila's Constitution means (esp point 4 and footnote), and it is run like so.

It is a general-purpose Safer Space: thought out to accommodate all tolerant people. With thoughtful means of inclusion toward, and being seen as approachable by, those who don't identify with why they need a safer space. Alongside kindly people and those there for the clean fun (meaning without disrupting the Safer Space service or extending to 'fun' at other people's expense).


Enid Blyton's Famous Five . . . Beautiful Sheila Webpages . . . Pingu . . . Sheila's Constitution . . . Roald Dahl's The Witches . . . Richard Scarry


Whilst having harmless fun, Sheila is Ruled by Penguins. Thus our Meetings both start and end by Dropping a Penguin on the floor whilst declaring the meeting Open/Closed. The Safer Space stuff ensures our ongoing kindliness and thoughtfulness whilst providing us with firm means to deal with the very occasional trouble. The readings take our minds off things, cocoa time lets us be a bit more organized and aftermaths allow for freestyle benevolent silliness, such as hedgehog and flamingo croquet or 'invent your own 5-minute silly society' games. Cocoa is usually with cake or biscuits; sometimes we have a Picnic instead :) The various book links round the page give some idea of what we've read till now...


Biggles . . . Are Mr Men Historically Accurate? . . . Winnie the Pooh has his own Soc! . . . Three Men in a Boat

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Penguins may Rule Here, but it's the Scurrying of Mice Mouse that Keeps Things Ticking Along ...