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Silliness of the Week
The following poem is about a Pelizilla: a fictional type of Pelican :)

'Shall I compare thee to a Manta Ray?' (or, an Ode to Pelizilla)

Shall I compare thee to a manta ray?

Thou art more feathery and scarily irate

Toothed beak does shake the darling stones of grey,

And student's lease hath all too long a date.

Sometime too bright the eye of damned goose shines,

As you patrol the courts of screams and sins,

And every Corpus student meals declines,

By Skype, or out the window, banging bins;

But thy goosey badness shall not fade,

Nor lose possession of that stare of horr'rs,

Nor shall death brag thou honkest in his shade,

When He is hiding trembling in the forest.

But so long I can breathe, or count to three -

I'll grab a bag, and quickly capture thee.


This year's socfair is confirmed to have a virtual format.


Silly CakeFaeries

CakeFaeries give each other Surprise Cake.

Silly CakeFaeries, naturally, are those CakeFaeries whose Surprise Cake comes with Silliness...

Silly lines in the pigeonholes with the cake.

Fluffy sidekicks, such as our Awesome Penguins, help out in Caking rooms and society meetings.

These silly lines, and others, are quite often formed into Silly Chainstories, where each Silly CakeFaerie adds the next line to a growing text.

One line at a time, by email to sheilachainstory -at-, good-natured Silly and Childrens' Stories genre.

Our chainstories are a sprawling higgledy-piggledy mess of fun.

See here for more about how this works :)


A Brief Guide to other Types of CakeFaerie

* Bakey CakeFaeries provide the cakes.

* Scouty CakeFaeries cause the Surprise Cakes to Magically Appear :)

* Duelly CakeFaeries, whose Exchanges of Cake include Duel and Battle Waterfights.

* Listeny CakeFaeries provide CakeFaerie Parents for the CakeFaerie Parenting parallel of College Parenting :) and Safer Space Awareness Pages (scroll to the end of this page).

The above are known, collectively, as Active CakeFaeries. Some CakeFaeries may do more than one of these options. Or no options at all - Passive CakeFaeries - for CakeFaeries are very welcome to solely ask for Surprise Cake rather than also being Active!

It is entirely possible for a Silly CakeFaerie to be Passive. That means receiving Cake-with-Silliness rather than giving out Cake or adding one's own Silly Lines.

All CakeFaerie activities are Safer Spaces.


Why our alias Sheila and Her Dog?

Well, for starters, that's a pretty silly alias!

But the Sheila and her Dog society is also one of our parent societies.

We at Sheila are a decades-old society of innocuous readers of children's stories, dedicated to silliness, kindness and clean fun.

We meet when we can, in a variety of locations, most of them very small. But that doesn't matter, because whilst in Sheila, we are very small too.

From the time the meeting is started until the Penguin is dropped at the end, members are morally six years old.

Instead, we drink cocoa and eat cake and chocolate and sweets after our bedtimes or between meals in secret treehouses. We welcome everyone with open arms.

This kind of explains the themes of our silly lines upon cake delivery, and of our chainstories...

Plus our Penguins are exceptionally fluffy, and some of them are indeed often present in CakeFaerie room and society Surprise Cakings :)

Last, but not least, many of the ways we are Safer Spaces were developed by Sheila and her Dog :) Sheila's Constitution permanently brought in some such features in the early 2000's, and Sheila's Silly CakeFaeries, all other kinds of CakeFaeries and our (Cambridge Safer Spaces Waterfighting) waterfights are run like so.

This is a general-purpose Safer Space: thought out to accommodate all tolerant people. Our Safer Space Rules have thoughtful means of inclusion toward, and being seen as approachable by, those who don't identify with why they need a Safer Space. Alongside kindly people and those there for the clean fun (meaning without disrupting the Safer Space service or extending to 'fun' at other people's expense).


The CakeFaerie News

This year, the Silly CakeFaeries' Sheila Herald will be updating the CakeFaerie News as well as the Chainstories Page (sometimes these are done together, with Chainstory and News items).

Both the CakeFaerie News and the Chainstories page can moreover host Safer Space matters. Some Safer Space people prefer to raise awareness by adding lines to the chainstory about peoples they are or are Ally to, so e.g. Ace, Apolitical and Anactivistic characters, and a particularly wide range of pronouns, occur in some of our chainstories.

CakeFaerie News items, on the other hand, can include large-scale baking and/or caking sprees as well as more overt safer space awareness pages from safer space peoples and their Allies in the Listeny CakeFaeries.


. . . Beautiful Sheila Webpages . . . Sheila's Constitution . . . Roald Dahl's The Witches . . . Richard Scarry


More About Sheila and her Dog

Whilst having harmless fun, The Silly CakeFaeries and Sheila and her Dog are Ruled by Penguins. Thus our Meetings both start and end by Dropping a Penguin on the floor whilst declaring the meeting Open or Closed.

The Safer Space stuff ensures our ongoing kindliness and thoughtfulness whilst providing us with firm means to deal with the very occasional trouble. The readings take our minds off things, cocoa time lets us be a bit more organized and aftermaths allow for freestyle benevolent silliness, such as hedgehog and flamingo croquet or 'invent your own 5-minute silly society' games.

Cocoa is usually with cake or biscuits; sometimes we have a Picnic instead :) The various book links round the page give some idea of what we've read till now...


Pingu . . . Are Mr Men Historically Accurate? . . . Winnie the Pooh had his own Soc! . . . Three Men in a Boat

______________________ SOME PEOPLES WHOM WE SUPPORT THROUGH OUR ACTIVITIES... ________________________


__________________________________ The below refers to encouraging more societies to state and mean such things on their webpages, constitutions... ____________________________________

Penguins may Rule Here, but it's the Scurrying of Mice Mouse that Keeps Things Ticking Along ...