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About Sheila

Sheila and her Dog is a silly society based around children's books.

Sheila's Chain Story: explanation and rules

Our chainstories are a sprawling higgledy-piggledy mess of fun.

1) From an originally halfway-sensible opening line at the start of each term, things quickly spiral out into chaos with dozens of different stories ranging from the silly to the serious.

2) Anyone can contribute: talent, expertise and coherency not required!

3) Each entry in the chainstory is anywhere from one sentence to one paragraph long (note: one or two words still counts as a sentence!).

4) To submit an entry, email it to telling us which chain you are contributing to and we'll put it up on the site (we update about once a week).

5) You can submit as many entries as you want in one email and can reply to yourself as many times as you like; some of us use these two rules to submit longer chains. We also accept picture entries.

6) This term, it is a Choose Your Own Adventure story.

6.i) Multiple replies to the same entry will create entirely different chains with replies of their own.

6.ii) If you want to make someone's day, consider submitting replies to some of the less well expanded on portions of the story.

7) Sheila is a Safer Space . Sheila's and CakeFaeries'/Alternative Welcome's conduct rules apply to both the participating in and organising of this activity.

8) As part of a Safer Space containing Cakefaeries, Chainstory participants are welcome to ask for Surprise Cake to appear at some point during the term. In this case, sign up as explained in this link, and be welcome to specify in the 'Notes' that you are part of the Sheila Chain Story writing :)

9) As part of being a Safer Space, we like to raise awareness of marginalised people and people in difficult circumstances. Some of our chains may focus somewhat on these issues, and, quite clearly, in a benevolent manner.

On the Sheila front page is a list of groups we're particularly supportive of at the moment; you're also free to tell us about any good causes you know of through your own writing.

10) The only things we do not allow in our chains are abuse of any kind towards real-life people (this especially includes the other chainwriters) and anything that would get us in trouble with the authorities if we were to post it. You're free to write about whatever else you like.

11) However, anything sufficiently outside the bounds of 'appropriate for a children's story' will be given a content warning so people who don't want to see that sort of thing can skip it.

And here is this term's chain story :)