* If you're here looking for Societies to join, Welcome to Socbridge's All-Year-Round Societies Fair! Scroll down for some Societies!

* If you're here to add Socs to our Timetable (or Clubs, Support Groups..) etc, then see Socbridge's own Stall 14 below.


Week 1 Saturday afternoon: we're looking to have a Waterpistol Battle Picnic Squash!

Week 2 Sunday afternoon: we're looking to have a Duck Chess Duels Picnic Squash, in a location containing actual ducks as well!

More details later!

Everything currently on this noticeboard is a Safer Space.

Stall 1)

See here for our website, or here for a mirror site.¸

The Cakefaeries are a proudly-unofficial Syndicate of Societies.

All Cakefaerie activities are Safer Spaces.

See our signup sheet below and Stalls 3, 4, 12, 13, 18, 19 for further Cakefaeries Societies.

Stall 2)

Our website.

Confusing Anticipation are also a proudly-unofficial Syndicate of Societies.

All Confusing Anticipation activities are Safer Spaces.

See our signup sheet and Stalls 3 to 7 for further types of Confusing Anticipation that are currently available as Societies.

The idea of challenging each other to Duels, and then asking whether that would take the form of Chess or Waterpistols, is also a fine form of Confusion!

Stall 3)
Our websites (we are alias Cambridge Safer Spaces Waterfighting).

Waterpistol battles and duels to meet other people, or to have fun!

Teamwork, Capture the Flag, Death and Glory!

Some expert toy weapons fighters are to be found here, and, moreover, some of us do this as useful practical training as Survivor Allies.

This is reason for some people's level of strategy to be very high.

Another is that some Total Aces consider this activity as a personal specialty :)

Waterpistol battle rules

Stall 4)


Meet people by Duck Chess Duels (or Chess Duels), be it in person or online!

What is Duck Chess?

Move a piece and move the duck to a different empty square.

No piece can land on the duck or move through the duck!

At least to start off with, Duck Chess nullifies many advantages that people who are good at chess enjoy...

Duck chess is rather silly. And, once one is familiar with quacktics (duck placement tactics!), is somewhat more positional than regular chess is!

We ae also run so that all people do well in at least some rounds.

More conventional ways of achieving this than a duck include the stronger player starting without a bishop/

While less conventional ways include imposing the Two body Problem: attaching the stronger player's king to their queen with a short piece of wool!

Finally, some of us are Followers of the Cat-Goddess of Chess, whose Name is... Mittens.

Stall 5)

Confusing Anticipation's Duck Walks!

We find common times when several of us are free, so as to visit some of Cambridge's delightful duck citizens!

This is done locally and usually takes half an hour to 45 minutes; we are part of Confusing Anticipation.

Stall 6)


Welcome to Spiderdragons Central!

We meet fortnightly to do and discuss Creative Writing!

We also currently write Silly Notes for Cakefaeries to deliver.

And do Silly Chainwriting.

If there's another lockdown, we offer to group-read Children's Stories in Silly Voices!

We are a type of Confusing Anticipation.

Some of our Creative Writing was previously (and may still be known as) Word-Building Jabberwocky, Silly Cakefaeries, Sheila and her Dog, The Coconuts of Oscar Wilde, The Carrots of Oscar Wilde, and Cambridge Utopia!

Because a Creative Writing Group must have Creative License to call themselves whatever they please each year.

Be welcome to send us suggestions for what we might next call ourselves!

Websites: here , here and here.

Our Creativity also includes:


If you'd like to contribute art to One-off Events and New Socs, email Cam-TSMF *at* protonmail.com with 'Soc-Art' in the title. Many One-off Events and New Socs do not yet have whichever of crests, banners, mascots, pictures for their termcards...

So be welcome to reveal yourselves, artists! And many of these places will be happy with works of art that take around an hour to make.

Stall 7)

PANACEA: Ace and Pan activities!

It is often the case with each Ace that some activity taken to an unusual extent is a substantial part of that Ace's life. On these grounds, such activities of our Aces are much of what we do. At present, this consists of Creative Writing, Toy Weapons Fighting and Running Safer Space parallels of AVEN for all populaces that do not for now have their own equivalent of AVEN.

[Aven is the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.]

If signing up, tell us if you would like Ace Parents!

Supporting Aces and being excellent Creative Writing are two reasons why we sometimes discuss BoJack Horseman here.

Meet the Society's favourite magnetic badge dispenser!

PANBRIDGE is for posts celebrating Pansexual people, Panromantic people and similar.

Allies welcome!

Pan Fans welcome!

We give out free Pan Badges, and free Pan Awareness Plushies which arrive wearing Pan Awareness Badges!

We have a a page for all things Pan!

Stall 8)

INFORMATION BOOTH. What are Safer Spaces?

And what are the current similarities and differences between Confusing Anticipation's and Cakefaeries' Safer Spaces?

Safer Spaces are meant here as abuse-free zones.

As places where no form whatsoever of `might is right' is acceptable.

Both of these Safer Spaces have a SafeOut procedure.

This is very good for peacekeeping between diverse groups.

SafeOut is moreover the means of implementing the following Golden Rule.

People who say they are upset are believed without having to say why, and apologies and non-repeats of what caused it are expected.

In this way, Safeout is also place and means of saying when one is upset, or not OK with doing something.

Safeout is a detailed procedure; see Stall 22 for more.

Safeout arose from Cakefaeries listening to Trans, Survivor and Closeted people in the 90s. And more such alongside Ace, Poly, Survivor of Bullying, Disabled and Neurodiverse people in the 00s and 10s.

Safeout is designed to work between a very wide range of peoples.

Cakefaeries Safer Spaces and Confusing Anticipation Safer Spaces now share all but one of the approximately 30 properties of Safeout.

The sole difference being that:

* Survivors require that certain things get done: Cakefaerie-Safeout.

* While Socially-Anxious people require to always be able to back out of commitments they don't feel comfortable with: Confusing Anticipation.

Even if their backing out renders inoperational other peoples' efforts to keep Safer Space Causes and Societies alive.

The Pandemic has led to two reasons for this distinction to be necessary.

1) Post-pandemic, the proportion of people who are Socially-Anxious is at least 3 times larger than before.

2) The pandemic killed off over half of Cambridge's Societies and Communities. So a lot of Societies and a lot of Causes have gone down. And it is proving hard for many new Societies to persist. For getting a Society to recruit enough to survive through to the next year is highly nontrivial. Pre-pandemic societies dealt with this by having veterans who knew how to plan successful recruitment. And it will probably take several years for the highly-depleted population of society veterans to replenish.

Stall 9)

We give out the cake! After doing publicity to have enough people to give cake out to!

Say "Scouty Cakefaeries" when signing up if you'd like to help out in this way!

The naive (and pre-pandemic) logical sequence would be to first talk about baking cakes and only then about distributing them. But in the post-Pandemic world, distribution needs to be handled first. This is because without distribution networks giving out propaganda, there aren't enough society members to give out cake to. So Scouty Cakefaeries is now foremost about ensuring enough recruitment. This done, we give out large amounts of cake! And whatever amount of Safer Space and Activities badges you require, as well as the Kindly Notes and Silly Notes explained below.

Update: this year we already have hundreds of people asking for cake! So almost everything Scouty Cakefaeries shall do between now and the end of the summer is give out cake!

Stall 10)

BAKEY CAKEFAERIES. We bake some of the Cakefaeries' cakes in our local meetings :)

Each local region's Bakeys bake once or twice a term for around 2 hours.

We also decorate cakes, with e.g. fondant.

Stall 11)


Our first idea is Supportiveness by explanation to those that wish to find out. See our website for more!

Our second idea is Small Person Numbers Interactions with associated activities. Four such are mentioned in this Timetable: Duck Walks, Baking, Stargazing, and the Cambridge Botanical Society's picnics.

Our third idea is a 100 Acres Wood account in terms of Neurodivergency. Meaning Winnie-the-Pooh Themed activities!

Our fourth idea is to give out Neurodivergeny badges. And also Neurodivergency awareness plushies. Each of which comes wearing a Neurodivergecy Awareness badge! (Awareness badges being for supporters of a cause also. Noting that for some causes, very few if any people wear "I am" or "Pride" badges. So most to all badge visibility can then only be in forms like Awareness badges or Ally badges.)

To join, or ask for a badge, email Cam-TSMF *at* protonmail.com with Neurodivbridge in the title!

Stall 12)

We send pictures of the Duck Walks ducks, and other birds of note that we encounter, to our morale-boosting website

Click on the following image for a higher-resolution display!

We do all things duck! So we presently also have some info about Duck Chess!

Tip by Socbridge: Joining a usually social-media-based society ending in "bridge" or similar often involves following the social media account in question. And sending them posts if you wish to be active. Some 'bridges are looking for further organizers, and some are not... One reason this is relevant to know since bridge-socs moreover form a rather large proportion of the socs set up in Cambridge over the past 4 years...

Stall 14


IDEA stands e.g. for any of the following

Intellectuals Developing Extrinsically to Academia.

Intellectual Development of Excellence outside of Academia.

is a more functional name variant for our IDEA.

Present and future need for such spaces is rather large.

Reasons include, but are not limited to, the following.

1) There are far more PhD's than academic places.

2) That the private sector currently pays 2 to 3 times more. While private tutoring of Graduate School or Oxbridge/Ivy League final year material pays 10 times better than supervising, and 30 times better than some adjunct professoring!

3) That many people refuse to contribute to intellectual life unless they can do so anonymously, and/or part-time, and/or with a healthy work/life balance.

4) That many people refuse to ascribe to some or all of "money-driven", "metric-measured", "competitive", "zero-sum-game", "gatekept", "mediatic", "persistently active", "forcedly hyper-specialized", "system of patronage"... notions of what intellectual life is about.

This includes very large proportions of a number of neurotypes, and numerous vulnerable minority populations. Moreover, thoughtfully unbiased sampling of intellectuals reveals that at least 95% of intellectuals require such alternatives. So we are very much not only talking about small populations being systemically excluded from intellecual life.

"I stands for Idea, Ideal, Introspective, Improving..."

"D stands for Deduction, Deliberation, Determination, Debunking..."

"E stands for Enlightenment, Empathetic, Emancipation, Enfranchisement,

"A stands for Abuse-free, Amnesty, Alternative, Applicability..."

To sign up, email Cam-TSMF *at* protonmail.com with 'IDEA of Multiversities' in the title.

Stall 15)


We are presently looking for Security Allies and Publicity Allies.

These take the form of Duelly Cakefaeries and Scouty Cakefaeries.

We'd rather have these Allies than Listener Allies, though with time it may be possible to have three types of Ally.

Pre-Pandemic, we looked for Security Allies, Listener Allies, and Entertainer Allies. These took the form of Duelly Cakefaeries, Listeny Cakefaeries and Hunty Cakefaeries (Scavenger Hunt in-person points scorers for anonymous Survivor Groups).

What our Survivors presently ourselves do is Conceptual Thinking. Along three lines:

A) Intellectual spaces as alternatives to academia (see Stall 14).

B) Safer Space design (See Stalls 21 and 14).

C) Creative Writing (See Stall 6).

D) The General Stategy undepinnings of Stall 3 and 4's Duels, with Stall 3 actually also dealing with Personal Security and Information Security!

Stall 16)


Our function is to maintain this webpage!

Tip by Socbridge for Socs sending stuff here. Whichever of what you do, your character, your emphasis on community, what good causes you follow... can be given whichever relative priorities you please in the material you send... This is a very important part of Freedom of Association.

Cam-TSMF, Soc-Art and Crisis Campus Life are technically part of the proudly-unofficial Socbridge Societies' Syndicate. While The Multiversity and Cambridge Utopia are part of all three Syndicates.

To sign up for any of the below, email Cam-TSMF -at- protonmail.com .

About this All-Year Round Societies Fair

All-Year-Round Societies Fairs are a necessity because rather a lot of people don't find societies who are accepting of them within Freshers' Week and the Squash Week that follows. Also Graduates and Visitors may start at a university at times other than Freshers' Week!

On Cambridge Societies' limited budgets (if any) All-Year Round Societies Fairs are only feasible if they are Virtual Societies Fairs . Virtual Societies Fairs first became a thing during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are however here to stay, since large numbers of Socially Anxious people, Neurodivergent people, Disabled people, Minorities and Vulnerable people have told us they don't go to in-person societies fairs.

Even Virtual Societies Fairs are only feasible if stalls - and meetings for beginners - are only sometimes open in the sense of having live videoconferencing. Such a Societies Fair therefore needs to be a Timetable!

Aside from Societies Fairs being where people meet society organizers and fathom which thus-represented communities they might get along well with, Societies Fairs have Freebies! This requires slightly more magic to fix. We do so by being a Virtual Societies Faere! I.e. our Freebies are propelled to you by Faeries! For Cambridge has had Cakefaeries giving our Surprise Cake for quite a few years. This is indeed one of our freebies. But there are also now such as Badgefaeries, Plushiefaeries and so on. Anything that isn't fragile, heavy, has a long enough shelf-life, that fits in a pidge, and isn't objected to by Colleges can be given out by Societies here as Freebies, propelled by some kind of Socfaerie or other!

Stall 17)


At present, what we do in practice is organize the Badgefaeries.

We take sign-ups for Safer Space groups and Socbridge Societies: the ones on this page that aren't labelled "Cakefaeries" or "Confusing Anticipation".

Andwe maintain some of the Confusing Anticipation and Cakefaerie websites :)

Cam-TSMF stands for Cambridge Tolerantly-Run Social Media. And our long-term interest is in designing new kinds of Social Media that Survivors, Socially-Anxious people and Neurodiverse people actually feel safe enough about to make (meaningful) use.

Stall 18)


our website

Stall 19)

Kindly Cakefaeries

We write supportive Kindly Notes for other Cakefaeries' pidges and inboxes.

We typically send these once a month (more frequently, were there to be any further lockdowns).

Stall 20)


Hiya, I am Lady Swallowtail of the Buildy Cakefaeries. Would you like a chocolate frog?

We Buildy Cakefaeries construct all kinds of things out of Lego. During lockdowns, we developed a system so people can call for specific changes in large evolving buildings that are assembled at a fixed location.

Here are two of the last years' builds!

This year, we are building some of the Cakefaerie Prizes!

Stall 21)

Cambridge Utopia: Safer Space Societies Design Welcome to Cambridge, Dear Freshers!

See this webpage about us; this contains some sample parts from one of our Utopias!

For instance, the Utopia by which we run ourselves starts as follows.

Principle 0) This Utopia is based on a full abolition of the 'might is right' abusive normativity.

Principle 1) Anybody who is tolerant of all other tolerant peoples can be part of this Utopia.

Cambridge Utopia is a type of Creative Writing.

To join, email Cam-TSMF -at- protonmail.com with "Utopia" in the title. Addressing the Message to "First Original Voice" and "First Unique Voice", those being what organizers are called here.

Texts we write are among those read and disussed at Creative Writing meets!

Stall 22)

SOCA One-off Events and Archive.

SOCA's One-off Events, which shall be timetabled in this slot.

We are furthermore currently building an archive of all the kinds of Events, Activities and Soc Meets that SOCA have run over the years here: here.

These are some of the things that we, or you, might restart, though we, or you, are entirely free to invent further kinds of Event, Activity and Soc Meet! This is a space requested for if SOCA's Archive of Types of Past Events becomes a separate entry from SOCA's One-off Events.

Running societies during a pandemic requires this, as does the regeneration of societies after a pandemic, and every inter-generational change as well! New Societies, or people wanting to form new Societies, in Cambridge are welcome to make use of any combination of the following services. Provided that these rules are adhered to.

1) You are welcome to advertise your Society in this "Socbridge Timetable" All-Year-Round Societies Faere.

2) You are welcome to ask Cam-TSMF in Stall 15 about how your society attaining self-sufficiency at publicity. This is from the point of view of the publicity generating enough new members for the csociety to continue to remain viable.

3) You are welcome to ask Crisis Campus Life in Stall 16 about adapting your Society so as to remain functional during lockdowns. And as regards changes in social distancing regulations and room booking procedures.

4) You are welcome to run your first meeting jointly with Society of Confusing Anticipation organizers as one of their One-Off Events (Stall 21). This has the benefit of being advertised to an already-existing large email list. As well as the possibility of temporarily involving some more experienced co-organizers.

5) You are welcome to ask, at present to the Cakefaeries in Stalls 5 and 6 and to Cam-TSMF in Stall 15, about your society acquiring and distributing some kind of freebie. Noting that Societies wishing to give such out are encouraged to recruit their own deliverers who help deliver all the kinds of freebie. Especially if you're giving out more than 30 items per term, or requiring these to arrive 'at some point over the next eight weeks of termtime'. By which point contributing your own deliverers becomes obligatory.

6) You are welcome to consult Cambridge Utopia as regards Mission Statements, Good Causes and Rules Writing for your society. Or any other kind of Conceptual Thinking about what your society is to involve, stand for, or have as its raison d'etre.

Note: yep, this fair is all year round and yet may not necessarily be found on the same web address this term. People in these socs shall be told at the start of any term for which the fair has moved where the fair now is!

The corresponding Archive has 2 parts: One part is here!

While the current page is for now building a list of socs that were on here over the previous two years. View either as a source of ideas.

Cakefaeries ones are permanently-owned reserved defensive positions. It is just that in the post-Pandemic world, all the Cakefaeries that would be operating these are more needed in our Publicity and Strategy societies.

Offers to reactivate any of the others - on your own steam, beyond the One-Off Service - are welcome.

Stall A.1)
LISTENY CAKEFAERIES are not currently active, outside of participating in Cambridge Utopia.

Is alias GIVEN by Cakefaeries. Most of us start by writing Kindly Notes. Listeny Cakefaeries moreover also run the Cakefaerie parenting parallel of College parenting, Listeny including to peoples left out elsewhere. And maintain all Cakefaerie activities as Safer Spaces.

Our website. Here is Listeny Cakefaeries' webpage of Helplines and Welfare Links. Or should that be Lynx? http://altwelcome.soc.srcf.net/Helplines.html

Stall A.2)


We are not currently active, outside of your being welcome to introduce yourself to any Cakefaeries, Socbridge Clarification: Sometimes SOCA ran this and sometimes Hunty Cakefaeries ran this. Entirely possibly some other group could run this. What Hunty Cakefaeries reserve is the the right to have teams which are internally Safer Spaces. Who will advocate for Scavenger Hunts to remain meaningful-participation for anonymous teams. Whether or not with one or more non-anonymous and/or visible contact persons.

Click on the preceding image for a higher-resolution display!

See here for sample present and past items list for this Hunt

Join by writing to soca.word.building -at- gmail.com with "Hunt for Scavengers" in the title!

Stall A.3)

Cambridge Expository Fantasy and Sci-fi Theory Society

Currently to be known by the not-quite-acronym CamFEST!

Is presently to be considered a subdivision of Confusing Anticipation Creative Writing: the part dealing with plot and worldbuilding.

Stall A.4)

Our website

Stall A.5)

Cambridge Botanical Society

We are united by our love of plants in Cambridge!

Trips to the botanical gardens!

Enjoying our own potted plants and college gardens!

And some of us study plants!

Stall A.6)


This takes the form of meeting up to go to the top of Castle Mound, some time after dark on days with suitable weather. Tis is reasonably predictable around 2 days in advance. Such meetings are likely to be quite brief. At least this term, it is possible for such meetings to occur before Hall as well as after Hall :)

If interested in being Confusingly Anticipated in this Star-Struck way, be welcome to reply to Cam-TSMF *at* protonmail.com. Doing so will result in being on a small bcc list announcing such brief Stargazing outings around 2 days in advance :)

Stall A.7)

Society for the Promotion of Anonymity among Society Organizers

Maybe we shall provide contact details and maybe not!

Before or after updating our society's name to make a more fetching acronym!

Stall P.1)
[Plain Text Version of Cakefaeries Termcard]

Welcome to Cambridge!

To sign up for Surprise Cake! email the Great Cakefaeries at altwelcome-cakefaeries-this-term@srcf.net

1) your name and email address

2) The Magical Means for cake to arrive: at least 1 of

i) your address (including your pidge location and number if there is one).

ii) Your phone (if you'd like to make appointments to meet Cakefaeries in person).

3) Any dietary requirements or preferences.

4) Whether you'd like to be an Active Cakefaerie and help out with the cake and/or local publicity.

5) Any combination of the below Options... and of the Extras currently listed on our website.

* Options

6) You're welcome to ask for Morale-Boosting Silly Notes and/or Kindly Notes.

7) Whether you'd like to offer to make any such Notes.

8) To register interest in Group Baking.

9) To ask for Cakefaerie Parents!

Reverse: What Kind of Cakefaerie are you?

Most Active Cakefaeries are Scouty Cakefaeries, giving out Surprise Cake.

Some are Bakey Cakefaeries.

Some are Silly Cakefaeries, producing Silly Notes, Silly Words, Crafted Tortoises and Silly Events...

Noting that Passive Cakefaeries -who solely receive Cake and Notes- are equally welcome :)

Kindly Notes are made by new Listeny Cakefaeries. You are also welcome to ask to speak with a Listeny Cakefaerie. These also run Cakefaerie Parenting: our parallel of College Parenting.

10) Also be welcome to ask us about Duelly Cakefaeries - Strategy with Waterpistol Duels in termtime and Online Chess Friendlies out of termtime/in lockdown -

11) Or to ask about Hunty Cakefaeries: Scoavenger Hunts!

For more about us, see our website altwelcome.soc.srcf.net/Cakefaerie-FrontPage

All our activities are Safer Spaces.

Visit http://sheila.soc.srcf.net/Socbridge-Timetable for our and others' Society Stalls open All Year Round!

It's Safe, it's Fun and it's Free!

Stall P.2)
[Plain Text Version of Confusing Anticipation Termcard]

Society of Confusing Anticipation (SOCA)


Are you ready to be Confusingly anticipated?

Then email soca.word.building *at* gmail.com to sign up for :

Your Weekly Fortune-Teller's Pigeon Silly Emails during term time and

Your Unweekly Long-Distance Tarantula Silly Emails out of term time!

Your sincerely, The Spiderdragons of SOCA

[Picture of a black Spiderdragon; they are not very large, for they are hand-held!]

Reverse side:

How would you like to be Confusingly Anticipated?

In writing to us, tell us which of the following you would like!

Cake in your pidge!

Tell us your pidge's location and number, and any dietary requirements!

Duck Walks (meeting 1 to 3 ppl at a time)

[Picture of a Mallard Drake swimming: they are the green-headed, grbrown-and-grey bodied ones]

A Duel: be it Waterpistols or Chess!

[Picture of a hand-held waterpistol of the yellow, green and toy-gun-safety orange variety superposed over a tall Black Queen.]

Utopias, Silliness, Add a line to a Growing Story!

Join Creative Writing!

[Centred on the above four activities in four quarters, is a picture of a Panda carrying a stalk of bamboo. Labelled Pan Supportive Events. On the Pan flag background: descending horizontal stripes of fuchsia-pink, golden-orange and sky-blue. With "Ace Friendly" superposed on a black Ace of Spades on a white field.]

The bottom half of the reverse reads:

We also run One-off Events!

As places where YOU can Create your own Soc!

In signing up, be welcome to Volunteer to co-organize or help publicize our society!

[This is on a field of very mutually-distinct multi-coloured socks.]

Website: https://societyofconfusing.wixsite.com/websiteofconfusion

Online Society Stall open All Year Round! http://sheila.soc.srcf.net/Socbridge-Timetable

Facebook page: www.facebook.come/confusinglyconfused/

Stall P.3)
[Plain Text Version of Socbridge]

Socbridge Timetable: All Year Round Societies Fair (crossed out) Faere.

The Socbridge crest is a white cross on a field of red.

With (clockwise), a pink sock bearing the DNA Double Helix, then a hooped sock alternating Cambridge Blue and Anglia Ruskin Yellow. Then a Musical Sock and finally a Green Sock emblazoned with the recycling sign.

At the centre of the cross is pinned "ARU & Alumn Inclusive". While under the crest lies the motto "Freedom of Association" on a C Blue and ARU Yellow striped scarf.